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Natural Design Solutions, Inc. (NDS) was founded in 2004, by Matt Spidell. Under Matt's leadership, NDS quickly established a reputation for providing excellent service and engaging landscape designs throughout Colorado and neighboring states. Matt has moved on to other ventures. Please visit him at the Jimi Johns in Glenwood Springs for a delicious sandwich.
In 2012, NDS merged with McLane & Associates, and Neil McLane took the helm as President and Director of Operations. NDS continues to provide state of the art design and planning services. Our company goals are to provide personal attention, timely service and local jurisdiction knowledge. We produce designs that are inspiring, low-maintenance and environmentally sensitive. Our current staff has over 30 years of experience in public entitlement processes, land planning, landscape architecture and irrigation design.
Our clients include local and national developers, architects, engineers, municipal and county agencies, school districts, military, homebuilders, restaurants and retail businesses. 
Neil McLane 

Neil is a Landscape Architect, licensed in multiple states, with over 20 years of professional experience in public entitlement processes, landscape architecture, land planning and irrigation design. He has been the lead designer for a broad range of projects from conceptual design, through permitting, construction documentation and installation. He promotes sustainable landscape design and development principles as a way to decrease maintenance and operating expenses, while reducing the impact of development on the natural environment. At NDS, Neil focuses is on design excellence, quality control and insuring client satisfaction.


He received a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia in 1987, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Sculpture, in 1981. Neil has worked extensively with landscape architects, architects, engineers, development consultants and design-build companies. Formerly employed as the director of Landscape Architecture in a development consulting firm, he has established and managed successful Landscape Architecture practices, as well as a real estate investment company. He has practiced in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia and the Caribbean. 


Neil enjoys learning from nature, hiking, bicycling, skiing, sailing and playing guitar. He has a wife, a son, three step-daughters and five grandchildren.


Let's Meet
Jason R. Oldham
Senior Proj
ect Manager

Jason has diverse experience in landscape architectural design and planning and several years of project management experience, with over 10 years of experience in numerous facets of landscape architectural design and municipal planning.  He has worked in both the private and public sectors performing planning and landscape architectural design and review. Municipal experience includes review of landscape and irrigation plans, zoning and land use reviews, Certificate of Occupancy and Financial Assurance management, municipal design, and related public planning duties.   Private sector experience includes site design, planning, landscape architecture, irrigation design, and graphics.  Jason has a very strong passion for conservation and aesthetics, and strives to balance economy, functionality, and long-term sustainability. With experience in plan preparation and submittals to numerous entities across the state as well as other parts of the country, he is able to find effective solutions for a variety of problems.


Jason received a Bachelor of Architecture and Planning from the University of Colorado in 2004, where he specialized in urban design and architecture.  He also has an Associate of Arts from Front Range Community College in 2000. Jason spends his spare time visiting nurseries to stay up on current trends in the field and spending time with his family.  He also actively manages a native and xeric demonstration garden, where he experiments with countless plant varieties and situations in a perpetual attempt to improve his knowledge and practical implementation.  Jason is considered by others to be a conscious and practical thinker in terms of development, with a green twist.




“We're an innovative and growing design business. We look forward to meeting you and working with your team to realize your goals! I would be happy to get together to review our work and discuss how we can be of assistance."

Neil McLane, President

Tel: (303) 443-0388,

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